ChurchDesk Portal

Get a full and central overview of all the events and services in your parishes. Now it is easy to share lists of activities with newspapers. You can also tell the whole world what happens in the churches with a portal on your website.

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Get an overview of all services, concerts and more

In the ChurchDesk Portal you can with a few clicks get a list of all services across all parishes. You can generate a report of any kind of activity in the parishes.

ChurchDesk Portal calendar reporting

Easy to share all the services across parishes with local newspapers

In ChurchDesk you can easily export an excel list with all the services and activities across parishes for easy sharing with newspaper and the like.

ChurchDesk Portal for Local newspapers

Share all activities across the parishes on your website

Create beautiful feeds of all the great activities that take place in the parishes on your website. You can create feeds for service, concerts and more. You can also make it easy for visitors to search for events near them.

ChurchDesk Portal Events on a map

Get a free ChurchDesk Calendar for your parishes and avoid double work

The parishes get the best church calendar for easy planning and resource management. The calendar automatically updates the Portal.

ChurchDesk Calendar - More than just a calendar

How does the ChurchDesk Portal work?

All you parishes get a free calendar for easy planning and resource management

All the public events from the parishes can be shared on your website

You can easily generate reports and lists of activities to share with newspapers and others

Learn how you can get the full overview and avoid double work