A church database and communication tool. Build data on your members and send e-mails, SMS and newsletters in one workflow.

Support your church with better data and improved communication

The church is about people. This is also the name for our database and communication tool. It includes comprehensive set of features to help you get to know and grow your congregation.

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Everything you need to meet people

Smart and dynamic lists

The database helps you build lists from the relevant criteria. All lists are dynamic to help you always stay on top of your database.

Customise it to your needs with custom fields

With a single click, you can share your event now – reaching out beyond your church community.

Fully connected with forms

Everything in people can be synchronised with our forms. You can add custom fields and when a user submits a form we will enrich that person's profile with new information.

Communication tools and reporting

Engage via e-mail and text directly from within ChurchDesk. All messages history is logged with reporting, including clicks, open rates, etc.

Beautiful and automated newsletters

ChurchDesk helps you build newsletters and include events and signup forms automatically. No need for 3rd party tools.

Personal and pastoral notes

Record notes on people in safe and secure way to remind yourself of important information.

Build beautiful newsletters and e-mails

Beautiful newsletters with your logo and colors

You can customise our template with your identify and start sending professional and beautiful newsletters instantly. It's very easy to include selected events from the calendar with pictures. And we guarantee compatibility in all e-mail clients.

Reporting and analytics

You can keep track of your messages with our built-in reporting tool. This can help you better understand open rates and click rates. We also store the information on the individual user to help you keep track of your congregation.

No need for 3rd parties and disconnected data sets

Traditionally, churches would be using separate tools to send e-mails, SMS and newsletters. We have built this into ChurchDesk to help you maintain one database and benefit from the same, simple user interface.

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