Collect contact data and build meaningful relationships

You can save hours of work by improving registrations for life events, event signups and hall rentals with forms. And the data helps you meet new people and stay in touch.

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What you can do with ChurchDesk Forms

Templates get you started quickly

We have pre-installed a set of popular templates for life events, electoral roll refresh and event signups. It only takes a few clicks and all templates can be customised.

Creating your form is simple and intuitive

We've made it very easy to create and customise forms with simply drag and drop. You can always see exactly what the final form will look like as you build it.

Share your forms everywhere

The form is easy to share on your website, via social media or in your newsletter. People can register from anywhere – even on their mobile phone.

Collect contact data to your People database

People submitting a form are automatically created in People as a contact. You can set up tags to be added for later segmentation.

Add tickets and keep track of attendees

Ticketing is fully integrated to manage event sign-ups. You can choose multiple ticket types and prices, number of tickets available, etc.

Accept payments and donations

As a fully integrated workflow you can accept payments and donations in one go. No need to sign contracts with 3rd party payment processors. It has never been this easy.

Let people sign up from their phone

Share the link to your form and make it easy for people to sign up from their tablet or mobile.

Tickets and payments in one click

Sell multiple ticket types

Add any number of ticket types with different prices. As an example, you might want to know how many adults and children that sign up and offer them different prices.

Receive donations while selling tickets

You can add a donation to your event as a part of the form. We automatically add the option to handle Gift Aid and split the payments into separate projects.

Let people know when tickets are sold out

Indicate the number of tickets available for each ticket type and choose whether you want ChurchDesk to turn off the ticket types that are sold out.

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