ChurchDesk Studio

ChurchDesk Studio is your drag & drop editor to design any newsletter, invitation, poster or flyer your church would need. Built directly into ChurchDesk.

Design your own newsletters and invitations

ChurchDesk Studio gives you freedom to design your own newsletters, invitations and flyers. It comes with great templates and our drag and drop editor is simple to use.

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Use one of our templates or create your own

We have templates for everything ranging from newsletters to personal invitations to your concerts. You can also design and save your own template for future use.

Make an event poster or invite for your event with a few clicks

With Studio you will be able to create beautiful posters and flyers directly from the events in your calendar. It will never be easier to make flyers or posters. Click, edit and PDF it for easy printing.

Get Studio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ChurchDesk Studio available for all plans?

Yes. ChurchDesk Studio is included for free in Medium and Large Plans. All other plans can buy it as an add-on at an attractive price. See our pricing page for all details

Is Studio a new module?

Studio is integrated into both ChurchDesk People and the ChurchDesk calendar and is an add-on, but no an independant module.

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