ChurchDesk Multi-Parish

The all-in-one solution for getting a shared and better way of working together across several parishes in benefices or parish partnerships.

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Everyone and everything can work together

Many parishes struggle with broken workflows as they rely on several systems. One system for calendaring, another for the website - the list goes on. Working together across parishes normally means adding more systems that do not work together. ChurchDesk Multi-Parish is the simpler way. A shared all-in-one solution where everything and everyone can work together.

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A calendar for each parish in a shared overview

Get multiple calendars, one for each parish, in a shared overview. This makes it easy to do shared planning.  Easy booking of users, rooms, and service planning across all parishes.

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Work together to invite more people to church

In ChurchDesk it is easy to create shared newsletters to invite more people into your churches. Each parish remains in control of its own contacts. It has never been easier to collaborate, secure data, and meet more people.

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Share forms for shared activities & workflows

Each parish can create and manage its own forms. With ChurchDesk Multi-Parish you can also share a form across parishes for the administration of e.g. confirmation registration or shared activities like concerts.

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Manage users and data across parishes easily

ChurchDesk offers easy administration of users and data with role management. It is easy to invite users into ChurchDesk. Simply select what role they have and in which parishes they serve in that role. This makes it easy to ensure that users have access to the right tools and only see the data that they need.

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Shared website

Save time and get a shared website and tell the world what happens in your parishes.

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It is easy for each parish to record attendance and get the overview you want.

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Each parish can create its own donation and payment projects.

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Create groups that can work together across parishes  - making collaboration much easier.

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