A shared church calendar for everyone

From the calendar, you can do all your planning, scheduling and rotas. Afterwards we make it easy to promote your events on your website, in newsletters and social media.

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ChurchDesk Calendar

Take your calendar with you everywhere

Which room is the meeting taking place, or how many chairs had to be set up for the upcoming event? Check the ChurchDesk app to get a quick answer.

Everything you need in a calendar

Publish events to your website in one click

With a single click, you can have all of your Sunday Worships shown on your website.

Schedule when to share events on Facebook

With our powerful integration to Facebook you can  can share your events now or schedule  for later.

Register attendance and get insights

Register attendance directly from your smartphone: no need to record attendance via pen, paper, and cumbersome spreadsheets!

Rotas and service planning

With our rota management it's easy to assign and manage recurring work between staff and volunteer teams.

Easily invite staff and volunteers

Invite the entire choir in one click. We'll let you know immediately if someone's already booked for something else.

Analyse attendance and gain more insight

Get an easy overview of which activities and events you could benefit from investing more in.

Church rotas and service planning made easy

Easy overview

Scheduling is very easy with a smart overview that can be customised the individual user. This helps you make sure all rotas are assigned and services scheduled.

Everyone up to date

Each person can choose how they want to be reminded of upcoming rota with automated SMS and e-mails. We also enable print-out options and easy sharing via link.

Task management

You can assign tasks or leave them unassigned for people. On each task we enable internal notes to add more information. In our Groups, users can discuss their rotas or ask for help.

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