Add tasks and engage users for your church’s events

Churchdesk Planning

What does Planning do?

Thanks to Planning managing church staff and volunteers has never been easier. Planning is an integrated part of your ChurchDesk, leaving you able to create, assign and offer tasks to your staff and volunteers all in the same workflow.

With Planning you can create tasks for each event and either assign the tasks to specific users right away or leave them open for users to sign up for themselves. A staff member or volunteer will be able to see their rota, a full list of their assigned tasks, as well as unassigned tasks that they can sign up for.

Planning an event has never been easier

Planning makes it more attractive for staff and volunteers to get involved with the church. Unassigned tasks are highly visible, and it is easier for people to see where and when they can help, whilst assigned tasks give your volunteers a greater sense of purpose and a personal rota gives them a great overview of their participation in the church.

Group leaders now have a better overview of the tasks needed for each event, and the number of volunteers needed to make it happen. This improved level of pre-event organisation leaves you more time to focus on what really matters to you.

Customized events

Events can now have specific tasks designed to meet their individual needs. Copy a task from a previous event or assign a new one to fit, saving time and ensuring their success.

Task management

Keep on top of which tasks are assigned/unassigned and to whom by using the Tasks tab. This overview helps you and your volunteers identify where and when help is needed.


Planning gives you the opportunity to add a specific task to a group. Users can be a member of multiple groups, thereby offering their services in many areas. Volunteers are given limited access (determined by organisation admins), ensuring a secure working space.

Fully integrated

Planning allows for seamless integration between the Calendar and Groups when creating an event. When creating an event in the Calendar any tasks included will also be visible under ‘Tasks’.