A membership database tool made for your church.

ChurchDesk - People

What does “People” do?

‘People’ is our chosen term for the new database component within the ChurchDesk platform. We opted for People as it is more than an address book and extends beyond the constraints of a typical database. The People module interacts with your calendar & blogs, this allows not only automation but templates that are designed to look professional and informative.

ChurchDesk - Newsletter

Newsletter and SMS

We have also created preset filters for quick segmentation, this means with a simple click of the mouse you can change the parameters of the database. If a filter does not exist, we allow hash tag filter creation; these can also be saved for regular use. Targeted communication has never been easier and you can also choose between delivering via email or SMS!

The ‘People module is a tool that is easy to use and logs all delivery, meaning you can track who gets what and when. Segmentation of the data allows delivery to the correct audience. The ability to schedule future delivery means you can create and relax, knowing ‘People has your requirements under control.

The Features you can find in People

Fully integrated

Communicating with your ChurchDesk calendar allows for seamless integration when compiling a newsletter. Recently published calendar events and authored blogs can be added to an informative newsletter via one click. Scheduling, also allows for deferred delivery on a future date.

Customized segmentation

Segment and target your members via pre-set filters i.e. Name, Gender, City or created #hashtags. Once your members are segmented into a desired group, you can then save the settings for future quick messaging. Once a segmentation group is selected, you still have the ability to remove individuals!

Communication tools

Engage with your members via email or text, keeping them informed and up-to-date. All correspondence will be recorded under the receiver’s log. You choose between simple or advanced editor, depending on how you want to format the message.

  • "The "People" module will allow us to save even more time. I can see that the workflow will become way more efficient and effective by a factor of 10."

    Henrik Church of Our Lady
  • The People module is invaluable for lists of users with whom we wish to keep in touch.

    Stuart Nottingham
    Stuart Nottingham Trowse: St Andrew