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Work from your mobile

Doing great work for your church doesn’t have to stop when you leave your desk. We created ChurchDesk for iOS or Android to enable you to easily get your job done on the run. You can look up a member and call them directly, or quickly check which resources are being used in the calendar. The app gives you the freedom you need to make home visits, or edit events as plans change. View and manage your calendar and bookings, and see or reply to messages, helping you save time and never miss a trick.

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Great work from your mobile - Churchdesk app

With ChurchDesk’s mobile app you can:

View your duties

Your calendar is always available to view, and is automatically updated. If you are a user in more than one church, all your events will be visible in the combined calendar for the app.

Reply to invitations

The first thing you will see in the app is your dashboard. Here, you can get a quick overview of today’s events, invitations and messages.

Send and receive messages

You can access all your contacts from the app. A last minute change of plans, or running late? Quickly send a message to the parties involved.

… of course you can also write directly to ChurchDesk support from your app.