ChurchDesk Intranet

An administration tool made for your church.

ChurchDesk - Intranet

The heart of your church administration

The “Intranet” is where you will find all the internal workings of your church. The “Intranet” will certainly become the heart of your church administration. Keep yourself up to date with all the latest church events and invitations. As well as this, the “Intranet” is where you can collaborate, store files, photos and send internal messages/blogs.

Being organised just got easier


Keep yourself up to date with latest events and invitations, group activities and other relevant content.

File Manager

Upload, search and organize files in folders and tags. All files are fully integrated and scanned for viruses.


Engage and conversations with other users and raise potential topics of discussion with your team.

  • "The intranet is the spine of our everyday operation."