ChurchDesk Forms

Online forms help your church save time and connect with more people

Save time with easy-to-use online forms

You can save hours of work by collecting your registrations for events, trips or signups for baptisms, wedding or hall rental in online forms. Data only needs to be entered once and errors will be eliminated.

Collect contact data to build relationships

ChurchDesk Forms makes it easy to follow-up and build relationships with all the people you are in contact with. Send them relevant news and invite them back for just the right events.

What you can do with ChurchDesk Forms

Templates get you started quickly

We have created popular templates for common needs like baptism requests and volunteer sign up. It only takes a few clicks and then your form is ready to share.

Templates get you started quickly

Creating your form is simple and intuitive

It is incredibly easy to create and customize the forms to your requirements. You simply drag and drop the fields you need and you can always see exactly what the final form will look like as you build it.

Creating your ChurchDesk form is simple and intuitive

Share your forms everywhere

ChurchDesk Forms are easy to share on your website, via social media or in your newsletter. People can register from anywhere – even on their mobile phone.

ChurchDesk Forms

Collect contact data to your People database

A person who provides their details on a form is automatically created in People as a contact. You can set up tags to be added for later segmentation. Manual data entry is eliminated and you are ready to build a relationship by staying in touch.

Collect contact data to your ChurchDesk People database

Add tickets and keep track of attendees

Tickets are integrated with ChurchDesk Forms and make it easier than ever to create and manage event sign-ups.

ChurchDesk Forms Tickets

See how Katherine from Jesus Voice of Hope uses Forms for registrations

ChurchDesk’s new forms feature makes it easier than ever to organise events, as Katherine Bulaon from Jesus Voice of Hope church discovered while planning a Mother’s Day conference.