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They’re always there to help you get the most out of your ChurchDesk.

  • Nana Lefevre
    Nana Lefevre Customer Success Manager - UK

    My role at ChurchDesk is to help churches with everything after they have signed up for ChurchDesk. I’m helping them to get the most out of the platform and support them in achieving their goals, as I know it can be hard to do on your own. My mission is to find out how we can make the platform better for the users and help them to fully benefit from the technology. I enjoy following our customers’ journeys and seeing how their hard work pays off.

    I was born and raised in Denmark, but moved to London after secondary school to study. I love the diversity of London; the people, different ideas, opinions, expressions… In my free time I enjoy the art and culture that London has to offer by taking a stroll in one of the city’s museums.

    • Birita Christiansen
      Birita Christiansen Customer Success Manager - UK and Denmark

      I’m helping our users to go digital-nuts. I often hear elderly people telling me “I’m too old to learn this” or other younger people saying “They are too old for using this”. I just don’t believe this to be true. Everyone who wants to learn, can learn to use digital media and elderly people own more fancy tablets than me and I bet they are rocking it! With a nice and polite voice and with patience, I can teach everyone to use the functions that they need in ChurchDesk and benefit from it big time.

      In my spare time I run my own 7-a-side football team and I have found a new joy in doing triathlons. I’m a fan of Netflix and especially chick flicks. I live with my boyfriend CJ and our cat Jacob who wakes us up every morning at 7am. Patience it everything!

      What our users say

      • "It was a breath of fresh air coming to ChurchDesk. There was no hard sell and since signing up the support team has been really responsive and importantly recognise that all churches are not the same."

        Carl Holy Trinity

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