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Choosing Your Church Management System: Difficult or Divine?
Free Whitepaper: Choosing Your Church Management System - Difficult or Divine?Choosing a Church Management System can be difficult and seem overwhelming. In this free white paper you learn what to look for when considering a Church Management System for your church.
How to Create a Successful Church Event
Free Whitepaper: How to Create a Successful Church EventWe’ve come up with some top tips to help facilitate great church events. Whether it be an Easter camp, Christmas service or social event, we’ve got it all covered! Even if you’re running some great events already, it can’t hurt to double-check you’re not missing any new tricks.
Email series: 7 days to a better church newsletter
Free Course: 7 Days to a Better Church NewsletterGet the in-depth ‘7 Days To A Better Church Newsletter’ email course and learn how to send more engaging church newsletters! You will learn about how to capture and segment emails, how to pick the right content, tips on writing styles, how to make a visual masterpiece, advice on how and when to send email newsletters, and much, much more!
How a Church Went From 0 to 600 Contacts
Inforgraphic: How a Church Went From 0 to 600 Contacts?Churches work hard to collect data on their members and others who visit the church in order to communicate with them digitally via e-mail newsletters and other online channels. Hence, we have asked a ChurchDesk customer to share the four key points they used to go from 0 to 600 contacts. Take a look at their advice in this infographic.
webinar - secret formula to church ministry
Video: The Secret Formula to Youth MinistryChurchDesk and Urban Saints joined forces to offer a one-hour webinar to explore the importance of youth and children’s ministry to the local church and unpack how to get it started and ensure it is as effective as possible.