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Free Whitepaper: What does the GDPR mean for your church?

New regulation governing data protection comes into force May 2018. Download this whitepaper to learn how the rules will affect your church. And how you can face the new regulations properly by using ChurchDesk.

One of the purposes of the GDPR is to standardise data protection policy and procedures throughout Europe. When it is introduced, every EU member country will abide by it, including the UK.

The purpose of the regulation is straightforward: to give citizens greater control over the use made of their personal data by third parties, as well as better knowledge about how and where it is stored, and what can and cannot be done with it.

The GDPR poses a significant challenge to churches, with a real risk of sanction for non-compliance. By choosing a church management system like ChurchDesk, churches can enhance their data-handling practice.

Topics covered in the whitepaper:

  • The GDPR checklist for your church
  • Guiding principles of GDPR
  • What are your responsibilities as a church regarding the GDPR?
  • How can your church adhere to the GDPR?
  • How ChurchDesk can help
  • And much, much more!
A churchdesk guide: What does the GDPR mean for your church?

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