Church Rota Software

What is Church Rota Software?

Church Rota Software helps you manage your staff and volunteers by keeping all your tasks, people and relevant information in one place. By managing your rotas on a cloud-based system, you eliminate the risk of misplaced paper rotas, information not being distributed quick enough, and a lack of clarity within your team. Your staff and volunteers can view and respond to their rotas quickly, giving them the ability to take ownership of their role within your church. Rota overviews make it easier to spot unassigned tasks, and plan for your future.

What can you do with Rotas?

Manage rotas

Not only can the administrator sign their staff and volunteers up for the tasks they need, but Planning gives them the freedom to take the initiative themselves.

Customisable rota view

Choose from multiple filters for the rota overview that suits you best. Viewing the information in the easiest way helps you saving time and energy.


Make sure everyone is up to date with automatic SMS and emails, reminding your people where they need to be and when.

Create tasks

Get your volunteers engaged by giving them a role to play in your events. With Planning you can assign tasks, or leave them unassigned. Leave internal notes if you need to give more information.

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Planning an event has never been easier

Planning makes it more attractive for staff and volunteers to get involved with the church. As an integrated part of your ChurchDesk, it gives you the ability to create, assign and offer tasks to your staff and volunteers all in the same workflow. A staff member or volunteer will be able to see their rota and a full list of their assigned tasks, as well as unassigned tasks that they can sign up for.

Better overview for everyone

Unassigned tasks are highly visible, and assigned tasks give your volunteers a greater sense of purpose. Group leaders now have a better overview of the tasks needed for each event, and the number of volunteers needed to make it happen. This improved level of pre-event organisation leaves you more time to focus on what really matters to you.

"As a busy Central London church with lots of services and events going on, we have found ChurchDesk a great single solution for some of our key administrative needs. As an early user, we took a bit of a leap of faith but have no regrets, having found the support and responsiveness of the ChurchDesk team second-to-none."
Jeffrey Risbridger, St John's Waterloo
"It was a breath of fresh air coming to ChurchDesk. There was no hard sell and since signing up the support team has been really responsive and importantly recognise that all churches are not the same."
Carl Landsbert, Holy Trinity Northwood

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