Church Management Solution

What is a Church Management Solution?

A Church Management Solution (also known as Church Management Software or Church Management System) is computer-based software designed to aid religious organisations in their daily operations and administration. They often include a range of tools to organise your church and engage your members.

Why is it needed?

It is widely thought the church needs to modernise, if they don’t want to loose the connection to their community members. We can help. Put simply, a Church Management Solution can not only reduce the time spent on administrative procedures, but improve almost every aspect of your data collection, communication and donations. It helps today’s church become tomorrow’s church.

What are the benefits?

Increased data collection

Segmented & Targeted Newsletters

Mobile & Online Contributions

Fantastic looking website

… and much much more. As a result, the communication between church and congregation has never been stronger.

Who is it for?

A Church Management System can be for any church – it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, or old or young your congregation is, how technologically advanced you currently are. We don’t discriminate, and we believe we can help you all.

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"As a busy Central London church with lots of services and events going on, we have found ChurchDesk a great single solution for some of our key administrative needs. As an early user, we took a bit of a leap of faith but have no regrets, having found the support and responsiveness of the ChurchDesk team second-to-none."
Jeffrey Risbridger, St John's Waterloo
"It was a breath of fresh air coming to ChurchDesk. There was no hard sell and since signing up the support team has been really responsive and importantly recognise that all churches are not the same."
Carl Landsbert, Holy Trinity Northwood