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What is Church Software?

Church software is specialist software designed exclusively for the use of churches and religious organisations. It help organise the daily running of a church, such as the church website, church events, mailing and many more aspects. This optimisation leaves you able to improve your outreach concentrate on what really matters to your church… your members!

What’s the benefit of using Church Software?

Save Time

Church software greatly reduces the amount of time you spend on the admin involved with running the church.

Full Integration

By turning you digital it helps eliminate repeated data entry and improve your collection and use of that data.

Improved Communication

Communicate with your congregation via email, text or website updates.

Online Contributions

Allow your congregation to donate anywhere, anytime via digital.

Church software can help you achieve all of this and more!  Try ChurchDesk for free!

ChurchDesk Church Management System

What can ChurchDesk do?

ChurchDesk is cloud-based church software which includes a number of tools to help organise your church and engage your members. All our tools are integrated to make your experience as seamless and simple as possible. Everything is accessed by a log in and stored securely so there is no need to worry. Our features include the People, Intranet, Website, Calendar and Contribution applications… as well as unlimited support from our fantastic team!

See how it works
  • "We recently moved from an old (rarely updated) website to ChurchDesk. The changeover was rather seamless. The CMS is easy to use and the system is stable and works well for us. We chose this to replace not just our website, but also our MailChimp email newsletter and event management. So far I am impressed."

    Carl Holy Trinity Church
  • "It was a breath of fresh air coming to ChurchDesk. There was no hard sell and since signing up the support team has been really responsive and importantly recognise that all churches are not the same."

    Carl Holy Trinity
  • As a busy Central London church with lots of services and events going on, we have found ChurchDesk a great single solution for some of our key administrative needs. As an early user, we took a bit of a leap of faith but have no regrets, having found the support and responsiveness of the ChurchDesk team second-to-none.

    Jeffrey Risbridger
    Jeffrey Risbridger St John's Waterloo

We’re trusted by hundreds of churches across the world

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Our Church Software – ChurchDesk

ChurchDesk is a leading Church Software UK provider. We offer all-in-one, cloud-based Church Management Software. Everything is accessed by a log in and stored securely. There is nothing to install or worry about. We offer the Intranet, the People Application (data collection and communication), Contributions (donations and payments), Website capabilities, an integrated Calendar and many more functions. We are a company dedicated to building your church, and look forward to working with you.

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