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The world has gone digital, but has the church? It is imperative that the church learns to communicate in the way of the modern world, helping build connections with members old and new. There are so many opportunities for the church to communicate in new and varied ways, and in turn engage their members in ways previously unseen.

Church software is designed exclusively to help improve your communication and concentrate on what really matters to your church… your members! It helps organise the daily running of a church, such as the church website, church events, mailing and many more aspects.

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  • Clearly structured data management
  • Common Discussion Board
  • Internal news at a glance

Behind every vibrant community is a vibrant team. With ChurchDesk, participation in the internal processes has never been so easy and transparent. Benefit from effective cooperation between your staff and volunteers.

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ChurchDesk Solution - Website


  • Customisable website templates
  • 100% Responsive design
  • No experience necessary

Your website is the window to your community. Anyone can make a clear and informative website using ChurchDesk, even those without prior experience or IT knowledge. Applications such as newsletters, calendars and data management are completely integrated to allow for a smoother, more efficient experience.


Supplement your physical newsletter with an online one, easily customisable and ready to be used as part of your emails and website.


Send out an SMS to your congregation from your ChurchDesk, making sure you can connect with them anytime.

Social Media

Reach a wider audience with social media. Your ChurchDesk even can help you connect your accounts to your emails and website.

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If you would like more information on what church software is, how we can help or even why you might need it, don’t hesitate to contact us or sign up for the free trial of ChurchDesk.

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Our Church Software – ChurchDesk

ChurchDesk is a leading Church Management Solution provider. We offer an all-in-one, cloud-based Church Management System. Everything is accessed by a log in and stored securely. There is nothing to install or worry about. We offer the Intranet, the People Application (data collection and communication), Contributions (donations and payments), Website capabilities, an integrated Calendar and many more functions. We are a company dedicated to building your church, and look forward to working with you.

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