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Choosing your Church Management System?In the 21st century, with so many changes to communication, finances and demographics within the church it isn’t always easy to run one. In fact, it’s very difficult. To keep up, churches have started to go online. But having a separate calendar, website, donation system etc can get quite confusing and laborious, taking away from the core focus of the church.

This is where Church Management Systems come in. They aim to help smooth this process over by being designed specifically for churches, as well as seamlessly integrating different features. Unfortunately, there are many out there – all with different prices and attributes. So how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve written a short guide to choosing the right church management system, which covers the main aspects you need to look into.

What is covered in this guide?

  • The core questions you should ask yourself when looking for a CMS
  • Things to consider: Integration, Adoption Speed, Reputation, Cost
  • Features: Communication, Mobile, Online-Giving, Data

Don’t hesitate to get in contact should you have any more questions, or want to request a free trial of ChurchDesk. We hope you enjoy the guide.