About Us

At ChurchDesk we want to be a provider of great tools to the church

that can help them achieve their mission.

Our mission

Enable the church with user-friendly technology to be more for people.

We are dedicated to the church

At ChurchDesk we work exclusively with churches, making sure we dedicate 100% of our time to ensuring your job is as easy and rewarding as it can be. We honestly believe we can make a difference, and see “less work, more church” become a reality.

We bring value every day to a large variety of churches – big, small, old and young – because we focus on being a partner to the church.

We have offices in London, Copenhagen and Berlin

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Our Leadership

Christian Steffensen

CEO & Founder

Matthias Haamann


Kenneth Svenningsen


Stephan Christensen

Head of Finance

Riccardo Adragna

Head of Sales

Stephan Nussbaum

Country Manager, DACH

Mike Hamberg

Sales Manager, United Kingdom

Our Board of Directors

Jesper Lindhardt

Chairman, Board of Directors

Klaus Nyengaard

Board of Directors

Troels Falkenberg 

Board of Directors

Michael Jackson

Board of Directors