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At ChurchDesk we want to be a provider of great tools to the church

that can help them achieve their mission.

A warm welcome to ChurchDesk

I grew up in Denmark in a family of pastors, which has always given me a natural connection to the church. It was around 2002 that I started wondering why nobody had built a great solution to help churches engage and grow their community. I saw my mother carrying out all her work in the church in a truly offline fashion – with pen and paper. It led me to build a website for my mother’s church and, soon after, for some of the neighboring churches.

When I graduated from University in 2012, sitting in my dorm room, I realised that not much had changed and the websites I had built in 2002 were still live. I found it hard to believe that the church was so left behind when it came to technology and it became my calling to do something about it.

Today, churches are still making a difference to millions of people all across the world. Everyday those in the church are working hard to engage their congregations and make an impact in their local community. I have built ChurchDesk to provide them with an intuitive and user-friendly solution that supports them in their work and in making a meaningful impact in people’s lives.

We have outgrown the dorm room and moved into offices in Copenhagen, London and Berlin. We serve 1000s of churches all across the world. But we are still the same. Dedicated to enabling any person in the church to benefit from the opportunities technology presents.

We are on a journey with our churches and we are excited to work closely together on building ChurchDesk. Since day one we have engaged our users to aide and influence the development of ChurchDesk. I invite you to also take part in building the best tools for your church.

I look forward to welcoming you to ChurchDesk!


CEO and Founder

Our mission

Enable the church with user-friendly technology to be more for people.

We are dedicated to the church

At ChurchDesk we work exclusively with churches, making sure we dedicate 100% of our time to ensuring your job is as easy and rewarding as it can be. We honestly believe we can make a difference, and see “less work, more church” become a reality.

We bring value every day to a large variety of churches – big, small, old and young – because we focus on being a partner to the church.

We have offices in London, Copenhagen and Berlin

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Our leadership

Christian Steffensen

CEO & Founder

Matthias Haamann


Kenneth Svenningsen


Riccardo Adragna

Head of Sales

Troels Bødker Feodor Nielsen


Stephan Christensen

Finance Manager

Stephan Nussbaum

Country Manager DACH

Daniel Massot

Country Manager Nordics

Our investors

We are supported by international investors that have a long tradition of building leading technology companies on a global scale. Together we build ChurchDesk as a long term partner for churches.

Klaus Nyengaard

Chairman, Board of Directors

Jesper Lindhardt

Board of Directors

Troels Falkenberg 

Board of Directors

Michael Jackson

Board of Directors