Welcome to ChurchDesk

Christian Steffensen, CEO and Founder

Churches are making a difference to millions of people all across the world. Every day people are working hard to engage their congregations and make an impact. What if we could help make a greater impact? We have built ChurchDesk to do just that.

I am from of a family of pastors and I have seen how difficult it is to organize events, schedule people and run a church. I started ChurchDesk in my Copenhagen university dorm room. Today we serve churches all across the world and we had to move from the dorm into offices in Copenhagen, London and Hamburg. But we are still the same. Building software to change the way churches do their work.

For too long churches have been under-served and suffering from too much paperwork and inefficient work-flows. ChurchDesk is the all-in-one solution built specifically for churches and designed beautifully and simply. Great work deserves great software.

We are on a journey with our churches and we are excited to work closely together on building ChurchDesk. Since day one we have invited our users to join our community and influence the development of ChurchDesk. Transparency is essential and our community is public. I invite you to also take part in building the best tools for your church.

I look forward to welcoming you to ChurchDesk!

CEO and Founder